Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

A Review Of Pet Bounce Homeopathic Oral Drops

Natural joint pain for dogsAre you seeking a natural pain reliever for dogs with arthritis? Then this review of Pet Bounce homeopathic natural pain relief for dogs will help.

Many of us with four legged family members are concerned about giving traditional medicines and pharmaceuticals to our dogs and the potential side effects these might have. Other dog owners are looking to provide early joint and general health and well being support as their dogs age.

When the pain of canine arthritis starts in your dog it isn’t always immediately apparent, especially early on. Joint pain in dogs usually becomes more visible as it develops and is often seen in changes in your pet’s behavior.

What are the main signs of canine arthritis?

  • Overly interested in a particular body area, constant licking of a specific joint
  • Slowing down, not keeping up on walks, refusing to walk
  • Avoiding stairs
  • Favoring a leg or paw, limping
  • Swollen joints, or joints that feel warmer than usual
  • Obvious stiffness when lying down or trying to get up

As the discomfort of arthritis increases, your dog may become less active and this lack of activity can lead to further stiffness and weight gains that can make the pain of arthritis in dogs worse. If you are looking for natural pain relief for dogs then it is worth considering Pet Bounce.

What is Pet Bounce?

Pet Bounce helps to relieve the pain, stiffness and inflammation that cause discomfort in dogs with joint problems and canine arthritis.

Pet Bounce is not just a natural form of arthritis relief for your dog, but it’s also easily administered through a convenient oral liquid formula.

As a homeopathic, natural pain reliever for dogs, it can also support other health issues that your dog may experience, making the overall cost of this all-natural supplement good value.

How to use the homeopathic oral drops

Like most homeopathic remedies, Pet Bounce comes in a liquid formula. The oral drops are placed in your dog’s mouth, either in cheek pouches or along the gum line for quick absorption via the mouth tissues.

Drops are best administered separately to meal times (at least half an hour before or after your pets meal).

Pet Bounce – active ingredients

To help maintain your dog’s health, Pet Bounce contains many natural and homeopathic ingredients. Older dogs often have more than one health consideration and homeopathic remedies may target more than one ailment.

What do the numbers on the ingredients list mean?

Like many other therapies, your Pet Bounce oral drops have a suggested dosage based on the weight of your dog, however the numbers you see shown in a homeopathic products ingredient list may appear a bit differently than what you are used to.

The numbers on the ingredients list show how many times the homeopathic ingredient has been diluted. So, for example if you see Ruta graveolens 6X, this means that ingredient has been diluted 6 times – by 1/10 th on each dilution.

When an ingredient is listed with a C next to it, such as Caulphyllum 6C, this means that ingredient has been diluted to1 in 100 parts, 6 times.

The ingredients in Pet Bounce oral drops are:

Caulphyllum 6C: This is a woodland herb found in Canada and the USA. It is used to provide natural homeopathic pain relief from rheumatic stiffness, joint and limb pain.

Apis mellifica 30C: Found in honeybees and relieving a number of uncomfortable symptoms such as stinging pain, retaining fluid and burning. It has been used in various homeopathic remedies since it’s discovery in 1835.

Rhus Toxicodendron 200C: Considered a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory by homeopathic practitioners, it’s also used to treat skin disorders and contains toxicodentric acid, discovered the late eighteenth century and considered to be helpful for rheumatic complaints.

Belladonna 6X: A member of the nightshade family you may have heard of this before. Used in homeopathic remedies for dog arthritis to alleviate joint stiffness, sharp pain, feet swelling and back pain.

Ruta graveolens 6X:  You might know this as Common Rue. This plant was once used ward to off the plague! It is used in Pet Bounce as natural pain relief for joint swelling, joint pain and weakness in dogs.

Colchicum Autumnale 200C: A type of Crocus that flowers in autumn (hence the name), has homeopathic uses associated with gout inflammation.

Other Ingredients: Also contains 20% organic alcohol and purified water.

Pet Bounce Oral Drops – Benefits

  1. No fuss oral drops making dosing easy. No pills or capsules
  2. Homeopathic, natural ingredients
  3. Supports better mobility and vitality for your aging dog
  4. Quickly absorbed by the soft tissues in the mouth.

Senior dogs are unfortunately more likely to experience joint pain and arthritis. Pet Bounce helps treat joint pain and swelling in dogs so you can have many active years of enjoyment together.

At the time of publishing this information, Pet Bounce are offering a satisfaction guarantee and a free trial of the product (for the cost of postage and handling).

For more information, and to try this homeopathic remedy supporting natural pain relief for dogs, click on the Pet Bounce offer below.